Don’t Wait on Adopting AI at Work

Plus, Amazon Launches Q

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1. Don’t Wait on Adopting AI at Work

Ethan Mollick recently published a great article about rebuilding organizations for AI.

Three main takeaways worth mentioning:

First, he referenced a saying that “there are only two ways to react to exponential change: too early or too late.”

In the case of AI, it’s best to react as early as possible even though today’s technology is limited and not without flaws.

Starting early will give you an advantage because you’ll be more adaptable to change given that the advancements in AI are way too fast.

Second, he discussed that you should probably let your teams develop their own methods to use AI at work (mainly because there’s still no playbook).

And a great way to have your team adopt AI is to think about AI tools (such as ChatGPT) as “additional team members, rather than external IT solutions imposed by management.

This is a really helpful way of thinking about how you can improve your processes because it opens up a lot of possibilities for you (e.g., asking questions such as: “What task can I give this team member to help speed up this process?”)

Third, he referenced a recent survey by Salesforce that highlights that more than half of Generative AI adopters use unapproved tools at work.

In other words, employees are using Gen AI tools without the knowledge of their managers.

What does this mean for leaders?

All this means one simple thing for you as a business leader:

Don’t wait to adopt AI at work.

Start today.

Pick a small problem try improving it with AI.

Your team members are already using it anyway.

2. Amazon Launches Q: A New Business Chatbot

Amazon recently announced the launch of Q, a business-oriented chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

This announcement marks the company's entry into the rapidly evolving field of generative AI, responding to developments by competitors like Microsoft and Google.

Q is designed to perform various tasks such as content synthesis, streamlining communication, and assisting employees with creating blog posts. It can be integrated with a company's own data and systems for a more tailored experience.

While Amazon dominates the cloud computing market, it trails behind in AI research, as indicated by a recent Stanford University index.

This launch comes amidst Amazon's ongoing AI investments, including a significant commitment to AI startup Anthropic and updates to its Alexa service for more human-like interactions and AI-generated product review summaries.

What does this mean for leaders?

In a nutshell, there are now more options.

Businesses are not just limited to AI tools such as ChatGPT and can now have multiple technologies to pick from.

For business leaders, Amazon's new Q tool represents more opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity through streamlined communications and content creation.

Its integration with company-specific data and systems enables personalized AI applications, offering a competitive advantage in adopting generative AI tech.

3. One Prompt You Can Use at Work Today

Here’s a practical ChatGPT Prompt you can use at work:

Help me create a project timeline for a [type of project] project that includes key milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. The project is about [short description of project]

For example,

Help me create a project timeline for a software development project that includes key milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. The project is about developing a tool to help employees enter their time.

If you would like to see more of those prompts, check out my free book called: ChatGPT for Better Business Communication.

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