The New AI Gadget that Everyone is Talking About

Plus, Pennsylvania adopts Generative AI

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1. The New AI Gadget that Everyone is Talking About

I don’t usually get excited about gadgets before they actually hit the market and people test them out.

But this specific one, revealed at CES 2024, has topped the list of every major AI publication.

It’s called the Rabbit R1, a new AI device that’s designed to function as a standalone unit with capabilities to control various apps.

Shortly after its release, it got sold out and is now on pre-order.

Here’s the link to the full video explaining its features:

What does this mean for leaders?

The interesting thing about the Rabbit R1 is that it uses what’s called a "Large Action Model" (LAM) which serves as a universal controller for apps.

It’s capable of performing tasks like ordering a car, buying groceries, or sending messages through a single interface. This is something that current tools aren’t very great at doing. The LAM learns from human interaction which allows it to adapt to any app.

This is different from “Large Language Models” (LLMs), which are the type of AI models that tools like ChatGPT are based on.

A simple way to understand the difference between LLMs and LAMs is explained by the CEO of Rabbit in the video:

“The LLM understands what you say, but the LAM gets things done.”

Jesse Lyu, Founder & CEO of Rabbit

So basically, the takeaway for leaders here is that we’re now starting to move into the territory of LAMs that automatically do things and take actions on our behalf and not just generate new content.

Interesting times ahead.

2. Pennsylvania is the first state in the US to adopt AI

The governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, announced a pilot program where employees will be able to use generative AI at work.

He highlighted that “AI will be a job enhancer — not a job replacer” in his announcement on X.

What does this mean for leaders?

If government agencies (that are traditionally known for being late adopters of technology) are realizing the power of Generative AI in the workplace, that’s just more proof of the efficiencies that are potentially gained from leveraging AI at work.

So if you haven’t adopted AI within your team or organization today, start!

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4. One Prompt You Can Use at Work Today

Here’s a practical ChatGPT Prompt you can use at work:

Note: This is an example that Marketing Professionals can use, but feel free to modify it to your own job role.

Develop a [type of campaign] for [audience] that includes a [description of what you want & objective]

For example,

Develop a targeted email campaign for first-time customers that includes a personalized welcome message, an exclusive discount code, and suggestions for complementary products, to encourage repeat purchases.

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